Dual Vocational Education in Germany

Structure of a dual vocational training in Germany

Usually, the theoretical part of the vocational training in Germany, which includes general education takes place on one or two days a week, or in form of block teaching over a longer period at a vocational school. The practical part is taken over by a company, where trainees get to know the processes of the company, as well as the skills that are necessary for the according profession. The content of the theoretical and practical components is coordinated and supplements each other.

The advantages of a dual vocational education

The vocational education provides opportunities for trainees to obtain practical experience during the education program already and so will get to know their workplace and future function. In contrast, companies are able to support their potential future employee from the beginning and additionally may encourage their strengths, as well as work on their weaknesses. Furthermore, skilled trainees become fully-fledged employees, who is familiar with the entire business activities and therefore can be employed immediately. As a result, saving of time and costs are playing a central role for a company when it comes to educational issues.