Dual Vocational Education in Vietnam

Dual vocational education in Vietnam based on the German model

Preparing trainees for specific requirements of a firm, requires the practical part to focus more on the period in the company itself. By combining the theory and practice, the integration of the trainee into working processes can be ensured from the beginning. The on-the-job training provides knowledge for each individual business and practical work experience during the training period.

Role of the AHK Vietnam in vocational training

The GIC/AHK Vietnam assumes the role of first contact point, training consultant and coordinator. Moreover, the education quality is ensured by the monitored structure and administration. The scope of services not only include finding of Vietnamese vocational training center as cooperation partner but also advise interested companies with the establishment, development and implementation of suitable training programs in Vietnam. Also, the GIC/AHK Vietnam performs examinations, generates and manages certificates and qualifications based on German DIHK standards. Further on, the GIC/AHK Vietnam acts as consultant of Vietnamese ministries concerning vocational issues. The aim of GIC/AHK Vietnam is to assist companies with the development of qualified specialists by passing on success factors of the German education including a combination between the theoretical training phase and working process in firms.


  • Mechanics
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Chef
  • Restaurant Specialist
  • Freight forwarding and logistics agent