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EU-Guide to the EU-Vietnam free trade agreement

The purpose of this publication is to provide first-hand information to businesses about the different areas covered by the EU – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement and Investment Protection Agreement. It has been prepared to help businesses understand better the main outcomes and achievements of the negotiations.

This guide is divided in four parts. The first provides an overview of bilateral trade and investment relations between the EU and Vietnam. The second and third parts provide a more detailed explanation on what is actually in the free trade agreement and the investment protection agreement. Finally, the last part outlines useful information and tools for making the most of the opportunities offered by the agreements.

Whitebook 2019 – Eurocham Vietnam

Diese Publikation wird jährlich durch European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam veröffentlicht und and identifiziert Schwerpunkte des Jahres in den Bereichen Handel und Investition, die sich auf die Eurochams Mitglieders in Vietnam, die lokale Geschäftswelt sowie die gesamte Gesellschaft auswirken.