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HCMC: Workshop Selling To Germans No. 5 "Overcoming cultural barriers - how to improve negotiations with German business partners”




German Industry and Commerce - HCM Office

Deutsches Haus, 4th Floor, 33 Le Duan, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City

028 38239775

06.06.2019 | 15:00
06.06.2019 | 17:00
660.000 VND (including VAT)

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Doing business with a person from a different culture can end up in imperceptible misunderstandings and sometimes in the loss of opportunities when negotiation partners fail to raise their awareness for other cultures.

German business culture differs a lot from Vietnamese business culture. This workshop aims to raise awareness of differences between Germany and Vietnam in business situations and give some useful tips how to negotiate the cultural terrain with German business partners. In the workshop participants will raise their awareness for differences in cultural factors, learn to identify potential pitfalls in cross-cultural communication situations and have the chance to analyze a typical German negotiation situation.


Manuel Wendle is co-founder of Culture Bridge, Intercultural Trainer for Vietnam and program head for Culture Bridge’s international CertX program, aiming to bring top international experts to Vietnam and offer internationally recognized certification courses to help the country and its people with their future development.

Manuel has been training top management individuals and their partners with their cultural integration to Vietnam. Besides that, Manuel has a strong professional background and leadership experience in banking, finance and compliance project management in big international banks in Switzerland and market entry consultancy in Vietnam.

Introduction of Culture Bridge Co. Ltd.

Culture Bridge, established in 2016, connects Vietnam to the world by intercultural know-how, learning and skills exchanges. We aim to close the skills gap for professionals and the young generation in Vietnam.


WORKSHOP FEE: 660.000 VND (including VAT)


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