Feb 20

Workshop No. 3 Selling To Germans: Digital Marketing in Germany


Selling to Germans is a 2-hour workshop created by German Industry and Commerce Vietnam (GIC/AHK Vietnam) that will enable Vietnamese companies and suppliers to deal with German companies and to get started with doing business with Germans.


Even if your product and message is perfect you have to identify the right channel(s) to approach your target audience. Digital Advertising has a lot to offer and works much more performance orientated than traditional marketing. Due to targetings, automatizations and trackings, online campaigns can deliver measurable results almost in real-time. The workshop will provide an overview about the advantages of the top 5 performing digital marketing channels for SMBE and how they corelate regarding the online customer journey.


  • Ho Chi Minh City: 20th February 2019 @ Deutsches Haus Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Hanoi: 27th February 2019 @ Lotte Center Hanoi.


1) The advantages of Digital Advertising

2) The top 5 digital marketing channels

3) Online Customer Journey: Where, when and how often to touch the client

4) Digital Advertising in Germany – and what is the difference to Vietnam?

5) Case Study


Benedikt Becker, Head of Sales of Audience Serv, is an international Sales Leader with strong expertise in Digital Marketing, Online Advertising & Ecommerce. He has a deep understanding and substantial business-relationships/networks in Europe and Asia in E-Commerce and Online Retail. Since two years Becker is located in Hanoi, leading and developing the Sales Team for Audience Serv as well as growing the business activities in the APAC market.

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