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Mit unserem mehrsprachigen Podcast „Coffee Time with AHK Vietnam“ und unserem Slogan „Wake your business Up“ wollen wir Ihnen zeigen, dass Vietnam ein hochspannender Markt für deutsche Firmen ist. Genießen Sie das Podcast-Angebot der AHK Vietnam zu aktuellen Nachrichten und Themen – rund um Business. Wenn Sie Ihre Chancen in Vietnam nutzen wollen und zudem noch Kaffeeliebhaber sind, dann abonnieren Sie unser Podcast. Lernen Sie ein dynamisches Land und den einmaligen Geschmack des Kaffees in Vietnam kennen. Wir freuen uns auf Sie!

#41 & #42: Branding Strategies for German Food Products in Vietnam

Video Podcast: AHK Talks - The People Side of Business

Entdecken Sie die faszinierenden Anekdoten von außergewöhnlichen Persönlichkeiten, die die deutsch-vietnamesische Wirtschaftslandschaft mitgestaltet haben, in unserer Videoreihe "AHK Talks – The People Side of Business".

In dieser Reihe gehen wir über bloße Zahlen und Statistiken hinaus, um den menschlichen Aspekt des Handels zu beleuchten. Wir zeigen inspirierende Anekdoten von Erfolg, Widerstandsfähigkeit und bedeutenden Beiträgen zu den florierenden Beziehungen zwischen Deutschland und Vietnam.

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#40: Long An – Emerging investment destination in Vietnam  

As the Gateway to the Mekong Delta, Long An’s economy was focused on agriculture for the longest time. In recent years, however, the province has emerged as an industrial hub. Long An, strategically located at the crossroads of Tien Giang, Dong Thap, Tay Ninh, and HCMC to the north, with Cambodia to the east, boasts a network of rivers and canals spanning 8,912 km. Anchored by the Vam Co Dong and Vam Co Tay rivers, alongside the pivotal Soai Rap, Long An serves as a vital gateway for manufacturers and logistics, facilitating seamless trade of raw materials and agricultural products to HCMC, the largest consumption market. With unparalleled accessibility, Long An connects effortlessly to HCMC through a well-developed road network and river infrastructure, complemented by its proximity to Tan Son Nhat Airport, a mere 38 km away, offering convenient national and international connectivity. Furthermore, the upcoming Long Thanh Airport in Dong Nai is easily accessible from this province, reinforcing Long An's position as a key hub in the region. 

Let's join our guests in this podcast episode to explore the development of an industrial hub and human resources in Long An and to know more about why people call Long An an emerging investment destination in Vietnam. 

With narrator Minh Trang and: 

Guest speakers: 

Ms. Jenny Nguyen – KCN Vietnam 

Mr. Le Quoc Hung – Long An College 


Mr. Marko Walde – AHK Vietnam 

Ms. Trang Dao – AHK Vietnam 


We hope the conversations of our guests have brought you several insights and helpful information about Long An. AHK Vietnam is your reliable partner in rolling out a strategic investment in Vietnam as well as developing your business endeavors within the Vietnamese market. We establish connections, provide practical advice, and assist you not only in optimizing opportunities but also in coping with challenges.   

Find KCN Vietnam at https://kcnvietnam.com/vi/ for more details! 

Find us at vietnam.ahk.de/en/ for more details!

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#39: Vietnam’s First-Ever Personal Data Protection Decree: Opportunities and Challenges

Digitalization is becoming increasingly important in businesses to enhance flexibility and efficiency across the entire value chain. The pace of digital adoption, transformation, and delivery in recent years has accelerated exponentially. More and more businesses are applying digital practices and technology in their operations.

On April 17, 2023, the Vietnamese government issued the first-ever Personal Data Protection Decree (PDPD). This document consolidates and harmonizes Vietnam's various data protection laws, with the potential to align them with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG-neu), etc. standards.

Coming into force on July 1, 2023, the PDPD applies to both domestic and foreign individuals/entities that are directly or indirectly involved in personal data processing activities in Vietnam. Therefore, complying with legal regulations and data protection is not only minor risk management for businesses, but it also has significant implications for finance, legal issues, and taxes.

In today's podcast episode, our host Marko Walde, Chief Representative of the AHK in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos is delighted to welcome two experts to delve into this topic and discuss some helpful hints for businesses regarding the new decree:

  • Johannes Klausch, Partner, LUTHER Law Vietnam
  • Nguyen Minh Thoai, CEO, DIGI-TEXX Vietnam


AHK Vietnam is your reliable partner in rolling out a strategic investment in Vietnam as well as developing your business endeavors within the Vietnamese market. We establish connections, provide practical advice, and assist you not only in optimizing opportunities but also in coping with challenges. Find us at vietnam.ahk.de/en/ for more details!

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#38: Laos Potential for Trade and Investment: A Peak into Laos Business Landscape

Welcome to our 2nd podcast on Laos, where we bring you insightful conversations with industry leaders and experts. In today's episode, we have the privilege of hosting representatives from the European Chamber of Commerce and German investors in Laos, who have been working in Laos for a long time joined us:

Tim Scheffmann – CEO & Founder LTS Ventures – Fintech Company, representative of German business

Lukasz Nitka – Partner & Director J&C Group – Deputy President of Eurocham in Laos

Together, they share invaluable insights and experiences on a range of topics that delve into the heart of business and investment in Laos.

Join us as we explore the diverse landscape of opportunities that Laos presents, dissecting the nuances of the investment climate, and gaining a deep understanding of the labor market dynamics. Our guests will also shed light on the intricate web of infrastructure development in the region and how it shapes the business landscape.  But it's not just about numbers and markets. In this episode, we take a holistic approach by delving into the cultural aspects that play a pivotal role in shaping successful business ventures. Discover how understanding and navigating the cultural nuances can be a key factor in the success of investments.

Get ready for an informative and inspiring conversation that goes beyond the surface, offering you a comprehensive view of the business landscape in Laos. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned investor, or someone with a keen interest in global business affairs, this episode promises to be a compelling journey through the corridors of European and German business influence in Laos.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this deep dive into the world of business opportunities, investment climates, labor markets, infrastructure development, and cultural nuances with our esteemed guests.


AHK Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos is glad to assist you with advice and guidance on your interest in doing business in the CLMV subregion.

For further consulting services regarding Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, please kindly visit us at: bit.ly/regionCLM or contact our Project Team directly: regionCLM@vietnam.ahk.de

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#37: German – Laos Bilateral Relations On the Rise: Opportunities For Businesses

Laos, the heart of Southeast Asia the country that developed drastically to become a land link from a landlocked, has been undergoing economic reforms and institutional development for the past three decades. The country is surrounded by Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. The economic outlook for Laos is positive, with a projected growth rate of 3.9 percent in 2023 and an average of 4.3 percent in the medium term, driven by the recovery of the service sector and export activities.

Laos's geography also shapes its foreign relations as it has strong connections with its neighbors for trade, investment, infrastructure, energy, and tourism. Laos is part of the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS), which aims to promote cooperation and integration among Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. With the foreign policy of neutrality and non-alignment, it has maintained friendly relations and participated in regional and international organizations. The country is a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), the East Asia Summit (EAS), the Mekong River Commission (MRC) and the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). Laos also has diplomatic relations with over 140 countries and maintains embassies in 30 countries.

Germany and Laos established diplomatic relations in 1958. Germany supports Laos in various areas, such as capacity development, healthcare, education, and the environment. Laos is an important partner for Germany in the ASEAN region and an active participant in multilateral forums such as the United Nations. The two countries maintain regular political dialogue and cultural exchanges. In this podcast episode, together with Mrs. Annette Knobloch, Madam Ambassador of the German Embassy in Vientiane, we will open a deep dive discussion on the bilateral relations between Germany and Laos. Let's hear the podcast to understand what opportunities await German companies in this thriving partnership.

Especially, in the next episode #38, we will further deepen into the opportunities, challenges, and many more aspects of doing business in Laos through the discussion with experts and entrepreneurs who have been working in Laos for a long time. Please stay tuned for the upcoming informative and inspiring conversation!


AHK Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos is glad to assist you with advice and guidance on your interest in doing business in the CLMV subregion.

For further services regarding Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, please kindly visit us at: https://bit.ly/regionCLM or contact our Project Team directly: regionCLM(at)vietnam.ahk.de

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#36: Implementing the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Law: A Golden Opportunity to Establish Vietnam's Business Position in the Global Supply Chain

The new German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act came into effect on January 1st, 2023, establishing groundbreaking regulations for corporate responsibility in global supply chains. In this landmark legislation, companies will now be required to conduct extensive human rights and environmental due diligence across their entire supply networks.

In this episode, Ms. Lanh Huyen Nhu, in charge of Sustainable and Climate-Resilient Supply Chains as the Business Scout for the BsfD program, funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and implemented by the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam – AHK Vietnam,  engages in a discussion with high-profile representatives from both countries about the current state of compliance with this law by businesses from both nations, as well as the implications and opportunities presented by this new law. Joining the conversation are:

  • Mr. Vu Ba Phu, General Director of Vietrade
  • Mr. Truong Van Cam, Vice Chairman cum General Secretary of VITAS 
  • Mr. Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHK in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar

The representative of a Vietnamese authority and association, as well as the representative from a German trade promotion organization discuss together the compliance challenges businesses may face in meeting the Act's stringent standards and highlight how local businesses can strengthen their partnerships with German importers by enhancing their corporate responsibilities towards human and environmental concerns.

Through this podcast episode, Vietnamese businesses can gain valuable insights on how their company can best prepare for and leverage the changes brought on by this supply chain transparency revolution.

AHK Vietnam provides advisory resources and supports the sustainable journey of not only Vietnamese but also German enterprises. Kindly visit us at: https://vietnam.ahk.de/en/services/supply-chain-act-services or contact our Project Team directly at:  lanh.nhu(at)vietnam.ahk.de


#36: Thực hành  Luật thẩm định chuỗi cung ứng: Cơ hội vàng để xác lập vị thế doanh nghiệp Việt trong chuỗi cung ứng toàn cầu

Đạo luật thẩm định chuỗi cung ứng mới của CHLB Đức (LkSG) có hiệu lực từ ngày 1/1/2023, thiết lập các quy định đột phá về trách nhiệm của doanh nghiệp trong chuỗi cung ứng toàn cầu. Theo Đạo luật, các công ty Đức được yêu cầu tiến hành thẩm định nhân quyền và môi trường trên toàn bộ mạng lưới cung ứng của họ trên toàn cầu.

Trong tập podcast này, Ms. Lành Huyền Như, Quản lý dự án Chuỗi cung ứng bền vững và thích ứng với biến đổi khí hậu tại Việt Nam, một dự án nằm trong khuôn khổ Chương trình BsfD, được tài trợ bởi Bộ Hợp tác và Phát triển Kinh tế Liên bang Đức và do Phòng Công nghiệp và Thương mại Đức tại Việt Nam – AHK Việt Nam thực hiện, sẽ tham gia thảo luận với các chuyên gia của Đức và Việt Nam về tình hình thực hành kinh doanh có trách nhiệm  của các doanh nghiệp hai bên. Tham gia cuộc trò chuyện là các vị khách mời đặc biệt:

  • Ông Vũ Bá Phú, Cục trưởng Cục xúc tiến thương mại (Vietrade), Bộ Công thương
  • Ông Trương Văn Cẩm, Phó Chủ tịch thường trực kiêm Tổng thư ký Hiệp Hội Dệt May VITAS
  • Ông Marko Walde, Trưởng đại diện AHK tại Việt Nam, Campuchia, Myanmar và Lào

Thông qua cuộc đối thoại và từ những góc nhìn đa chiều, các chuyên gia phân tích những thách thức mà các doanh nghiệp gặp phải trong việc đáp ứng các tiêu chuẩn nghiêm ngặt của Đạo luật; đồng thời cung cấp các định hướng để  doanh nghiệp Việt Nam có thể tăng cường quan hệ đối tác với các doanh nghiệp Đức qua việc nâng cao cải thiện phúc lợi cho người lao động và bảo vệ môi trường trong quá trình sản xuất kinh doanh.

Nội dung của tập podcast này mang đến cho các doanh nghiệp Việt Nam những thông tin hữu ích để chuẩn bị và có những giải pháp đáp ứng tốt nhất những yêu cầu mới và nắm bắt cơ hội do LkSG mang lại. Đồng thời, doanh nghiệp được nghe ý kiến từ đại diện của cơ quan Chính phủ, tổ chức của  Đức và Việt Nam về những cơ hội, thách thức, và những giải pháp cụ thể để giúp doanh nghiệp Việt Nam khẳng định vị thế vững vàng của mình trên chuỗi cung ứng toàn cầu.

AHK Việt Nam đồng hành cùng doanh nghiệp Việt và Đức trên hành trình thích ứng với Đạo luật thẩm định chuỗi cung ứng bền vững. Chúng tôi hỗ trợ và cung cấp cho các doanh nghiệp thông tin và tư vấn cần thiết, thông tin chi tiết về dịch vụ của AHK Việt Nam vui lòng truy cập: https://vietnam.ahk.de/en/services/supply-chain-act-services hoặc liên hệ trực tiếp với Nhóm phụ trách Dự án: lanh.nhu(at)vietnam.ahk.de

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#35: Fresh Produce, Fresher Perspectives: A Deep Dive into Vietnam's Thriving Fruit and Vegetable Export Scene

Vietnam's geographical location near the equator blesses it with both a tropical climate and a temperate climate zone. These climate conditions provide a year-round growing season for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

2023 can be considered a fruitful year for Vietnam's fruit and vegetable export market. Statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development showed that the export turnover was estimated at $3.45 billion in the first eight months of this year, an increase of 57.5 percent over the same period last year.

The export of vegetables and fruits from Vietnam to Europe has shown significant growth compared to the same period last year. The potential for exporting vegetables and fruits to Europe remains substantial. On the other side, the Vietnamese vegetable and fruit industry faces fierce competition with both the EU internal market and export markets with large fruit and vegetable processing industries, such as Peru, Morocco, South Africa, Mexico, China, and India. However, we have successfully leveraged the opportunities brought about by the EVFTA, initially exploring, and succeeding in markets with large import volumes such as France and Germany. These are highly encouraging successes.

Let's join our guests in this podcast episode to explore the potential of this market, its challenges, and opportunities, as well as solutions to enhance trade between the two countries in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, a highly promising industry:

Mr. Dang Phuc Nguyen, General Secretary of Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association (VINAFRUIT)

Ms. Helly Nguyen, Head of International Sales Department, ANTFARM - Vietnamese exporters to the European market

Mr. Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHK in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos

Moderator: Ms. Mai Le, AHK Vietnam


AHK Vietnam is the Representative in Vietnam for Messe Berlin, where the leading trade show for fresh produce – Fruit Logistica 2024 – will take place from 7-9 February 2024. Vietnam National Pavilion will be present at Booth C-60, Hall 26, kindly come and visit us during the exhibition.

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#34: The Logistical Infrastructure and Trade flow Development in the CLMV Sub-region

The logistical infrastructure and trade flow development in the CLMV Sub-region is a topic of great interest and importance for the economic integration and cooperation of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. These four countries share common challenges and opportunities in terms of connectivity, competitiveness, and sustainability. The development of logistical infrastructure and trade flows can enhance the efficiency and resilience of their supply chains, reduce trade costs and barriers, and increase their access to regional and global markets. The CLMV Sub-region has made significant progress in improving its logistical infrastructure and trade flows in recent years, but there is still room for further improvement and harmonization.

In this episode, Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHK in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos will talk to the industry experts:

Carsten Schwenke, General Manager, Rhenus Vietnam

Michael Wilton, CEO & Managing Director, MMI Asia Pte. Ltd.

We will hear their interesting points of view on some of the key challenges and solutions including upgrading the quality and capacity of transport networks, especially roads, railways, and ports; facilitating cross-border trade procedures and customs clearance; strengthening the coordination and cooperation among relevant stakeholders, such as governments, private sector, development partners and civil society; and promoting the adoption of digital technologies and innovation to improve the transparency, security, and traceability of logistical operations and trade flows.


AHK is glad to assist you with advice and guidance on your interest in doing business in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. Kindly visit us at: https://bit.ly/regionCLM or contact our Project Team directly: regionCLM(at)vietnam.ahk.de

Check out our latest blog and infographic to gain the key data and numbers about the CLMV sub-region: https://bit.ly/CLMV_Blog_Infographic

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#33: Highlighting Opportunities for German Businesses in Cambodia

Cambodia has a young and dynamic population, a strategic location in the heart of ASEAN, a stable political environment, and preferential access to the EU market under the Everything But Arms scheme (EBA). The EBA grants duty-free and quota-free access for all exports from Cambodia, except arms and ammunition, to the EU, which is Cambodia's fifth-biggest trade. In 2022, total trade in goods between the EU and Cambodia equaled €6.3 billion.

The diplomatic and economic relations between Cambodia and Germany are also strong and longstanding. Germany is one of Cambodia's main development partners, assisting in areas such as rural development, health, governance, and human rights. In 2021, Germany was Cambodia's 10th-largest export market and 14th-largest import source.

In this episode of AHK Vietnam Podcast, we will hear from some of the key actors involved in the discussion on opportunities for European and German businesses to invest in Cambodia, such as:

Stefan Messerer, Ambassador of Germany to Cambodia

Tassilo Brinzer, Chairman of EuroCham Cambodia

Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHK in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos

Together with the host, Trang Dao, Head of Business Development of AHK Vietnam, we will share meaningful insights on the current situation and prospects of doing business in this beautiful country.


AHK is glad to assist you with advice and guidance on your interest in doing business in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. Kindly visit us at: https://vietnam.ahk.de/ or contact our Project Team directly: regionCLM(at)vietnam.ahk.de

Check out our latest blog and infographic to gain the key data and numbers about the CLMV sub-region: https://bit.ly/CLMV_Blog_Infographic

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#32: Cambodia: Initial Impressions and Industrial Park Landscape

Cambodia is one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia, with a GDP growth rate of 5.2% in 2022. The country has successfully transformed from a post-conflict nation to a dynamic market economy, attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) from various sources and sectors.

According to a new report by the National Bank of Cambodia, FDI inflows in Cambodia between mid-1994 and end-2021 amounted to $41 billion, rising by 11.2% from the end of 2020. FDI has been a key driver of Cambodia’s export diversification and sophistication, especially in the garment, footwear, electronics, and agro-processing sectors.

In Part II of the podcast series about the CLMV Sub-region, we will explore the favorable environment Cambodia is offering foreign investors who are looking for new opportunities in Southeast Asia by talking to the experts:

  • Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHKs in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos
  • Michelle Zhao, Manager for Operation, Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Ltd.

Hosted by Trang Dao, Head of Business Development Services, AHK Vietnam, this episode also includes discussion about challenges and risks that investors may face, and how they can overcome them with asisstance of reliable partners such as SEZ and AHK that offer diverse supports for companies’ business success.


AHK is glad to assist you with advice and guidance on your interest in doing business in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. Kindly visit us at: https://vietnam.ahk.de/ or contact our Project Team directly: regionCLM(at)vietnam.ahk.de

Check out our latest blog and infographic to gain the key data and numbers about the CLMV sub-region: https://bit.ly/CLMV_Blog_Infographic

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#31: CLMV-Subregion: Trade, Investment, and Sustainability | Part I: Myanmar

In September 2020, Germany inked its latest foreign policy strategy for the Indo-Pacific region. The strategy document mentioned ASEAN 66 times and outlined a stepping up of engagement with the region – setting the course for a deeper relationship.

Germany has been an active investor in Southeast Asia. In 2022, total two-way trade between ASEAN and Germany was US$85 billion, 35% more than in 2019, before the pandemic – placing it as the biggest contributor from the European Union bloc. German companies have also invested significantly in ASEAN, across different sectors from automotive, construction, and engineering to chemical technology.

The CLMV sub-region has strongly enhanced its economic prosperity over the last few years. An increasing growth rate has been recorded which strengthens its image among other large countries in the ASEAN region. In Part I of the podcast series on CLMV Sub-region – the host Ms. Trang Dao, would analyze and explore more insights about the country Myanmar with our special guests:

Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos;  

Ye Htut, Head of Economic Affairs and Trade Relations, AHK Myanmar


AHK is happy to assist you with advice and guidance on your interest in doing business in the CLMV Sub-region. Kindly visit us at: https://vietnam.ahk.de/

Check out our latest blog and infographic to gain the key data and numbers about the CLMV sub-region: https://bit.ly/CLMV_Blog_Infographic

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#30: FDI drivers in Vietnam and the importance of German Education and Training

In episode #30 of AHK Vietnam Podcast, we invite you to join us in a talk show where the host and our guest speakers have discussed the drivers of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Vietnam and the crucial role that German education and training systems play in the country's development. Nowadays, Vietnam constantly attracts significant amounts of FDI not only from small and medium-sized enterprises but also from large corporates, especially for German companies which are now diversifying their interest in Asia. One of the key factors driving this growth is the young and willing-to-learn population, and that’s why we want to explore how remarkably suitable education and training affect the quality of the labor force in Vietnam.

Dr. Tomas Benz, President of the Vietnamese German University (VGU), and Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam were bringing to the table insightful contributions from the perspective of an “educator” and a “consultor”. Join us to understand how a German strong education and training system plays a significant role in the country’s economic success and how German dual vocational education and training in Vietnam contribute to the FDI landscape in Vietnam.

To meet the high demand from numerous foreign companies in Vietnam for finding skilled workers, it is crucial to improve the education and training system. This improvement must happen not only in universities, colleges, or institutions but also in terms of vocational training programs since it is highly valued by German investors. While technological development has made a progress and amazed the world with various applications of AI, young people must put more effort into developing skills and expertise to remain competitive and keep up with global trends. All of these aspects would be raised and enlightened in this talk show guided by the host – Ms. Trang Dao, Head of Business Development Services of AHK Vietnam. So, sit back, relax, and join us for this informative and engaging episode.


The talk show is part of AHK Vietnam’s campaign to celebrate 10 years of our Vocational Education and Training (VET) project in Vietnam since 2013. Learn more about us here: https://vietnam.ahk.de/en/training-job/dual-vocational-training

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#29: Vietnam - striving for eco-friendly and sustainable development

Sustainability has become a more and more common topic among the strategic development initiative of several businesses, in particular German manufacturers. Germany has a strong background being a leader in the transition toward a low-carbon-energy system since 2000 with German Energiewende, then German Renewable Energy Law and German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act this year.  That’s why they have oriented their production and business activities towards green and sustainable development. 

To be ahead of the trend as well as catch up with this concern from German investors, Vietnam is gradually shifting to a more sustainable economic development model, including the development of industrial parks and construction partners as well. Besides, 52,1% of German investment projects in Vietnam focus on manufacturing and processing industries. In this episode hosted by Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam and Vice Chairman of GBA Vietnam, you would listen to the perspectives of the industrial parks and the constructor as the close partners of German companies in putting attempts to take on the challenges of sustainable manufacturing. We are happy to have our guests joining us:

  • Mr. Nguyen Xuan Than, Marketing Executive, Becamex VSIP Binh Dinh Industrial Park
  • Mr. Nguyen Chi Toan, Marketing Director, VSIP JV
  • Mr. Tran Van Ngan, Vice General Director, Dinco Danang

Enjoy listening!


Besides the consideration of sustainability matters, to smoothly proceed with the operation/production in Vietnam, German companies must take heed of different aspects. To effectively work with Vietnamese partners or suppliers, they could get support from foreign organizations like AHK Vietnam, providing information and providing support purpose of being in line with the German and European regulations and laws (Market Entry, Business Development, Vocational Training, Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, Marketing & Communications, Healthcare, Agri-food Projects, etc.). 

About the AHK Vietnam and our projects to support German and Vietnamese businesses: https://vietnam.ahk.de/en/

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#28: Vietnam - an emerging Hub for startups in ASEAN

Vietnam has one of the newest and most dynamic start-up scenes in Asia, and it has emerged as a hub for start-ups. Although Vietnam’s per capita GDP remains relatively low compared to other countries in the region, its economy is expanding faster than any other market. The annual growth hits 8.0% in 2022 and is expected to hit 6.7% in 2023 according to the World Bank’s prognose. Driving the country’s economy are the large and young population, who are willing to evaluate and adopt new technology consumer services, supportive government policies, and a surge in overseas funding. 

In this episode, we would give you a better look at the dynamic environment in Vietnam and how the very new German names are thriving in their business here.  

Joining us this time we have Mr. Elmar Dutt – COO of the Deutsches Haus Ho Chi Minh City and Mr. Sang Nguyen – Project Manager of the German Business Incubator Vietnam.  

Deutsches Haus is well-known as the symbol of the strategic partnership and friendship between Vietnam and Germany. Furthermore, the most efficient building complex in ASEAN is prime location for German institutions and international companies. The one and only German Business Incubator Vietnam (GBIV) is accommodated in Deutsches Haus which provides German Start-ups with launchpad and ecosystem in Vietnam. 

Throughout conversations with Mr. Walde, Mr. Dutt and Mr. Sang have shared their points of views about the chances and challenges of the business establishing process in Vietnam. Some interesting insights about Vietnamese culture from perspectives of a foreign investor as well as examples of successful German companies were also brought up in the talk. 

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#27: Vietnam’s M&A activities in a recovering economy

Over the years, Vietnam has emerged as a promising country for many international investors thank to its strong annual economic growth and key factors that contribute to this success – namely a stable political system, a young and dynamic workforce, a low wage economy and a growing middle class. While there are still concerns about the investment environment in Vietnam, the Vietnamese mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market has seen an increasing number of financial and strategic investments, leading to a sharp rise in the total transaction value. How it works and what are the opinions of the German experts from legal and investment perspectives?  

In our podcast episode, Mr. Martin Seybold - Attorney-at-Law, Luther LLP to have a conversation with our Host, Mr. Marko Walde – Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam, sharing about their perspectives on various aspects of M&A in Vietnam, including commercial issues, legal frameworks and impacts of FTAs. We will have an overview of the M&A transactions in Vietnam, understand the pros and cons of Due Diligence and what are the opportunities and the challenges of EVFTA.  

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#26: Vietnam – a potential country for German agricultural and food products

In this episode which is hosted by Trang Dao and Chi Pham, we will talk about German agricultural and food products in Vietnam in order to explore about the potential of the market, the chances and the challenges from the perspective of our experts, Mr Dang Phuc Nguyen, General Secretary of Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association (Vinafruit) and Mr Bjoern Koslowski, Deputy Chief of AHK Vietnam.

German agricultural and food exports have continued to develop positively over recent years and Vietnam offers great opportunities for German food products, such as fast-growing industrialized and emerging market with good purchasing power. In Vietnam, “Made in Germany" foodstuff is known for innovation, high quality, and safeness.

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#25: Vietnamese women's roles in family, businesses and their contribution to the environment and society (CSR).

Podcast #25 is a special gift AHK Vietnam kindly made for Vietnamese Women on the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day. Through this podcast episode, we wishes to honour Vietnamese women as well as enhance their voice and role in society.

It is our honor to welcome Ms. Dam Bich Thuy - President of Fulbright University Vietnam for an intimate conversation with our Host - Mr. Marko Walde - Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam, together share their perspectives of male and female leadership in order to highlight Vietnamese women’s roles in families, businesses or more broadly, their contributions to the environment and society (CSR).

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#24: BREMEN- A potential investment location for Vietnamese companies

Many Vietnamese have heard about the city through the tale of the Grimm brothers – “The Musicians of Bremen” or “Những Nhạc sĩ Thành Bremen”. Located in the northern part of Germany, the Bremen region may be relatively small, however, it’s a major cultural and economic hub of north Germany. The Bremen region is known for its capacity for innovation, its commercial strength, and its entrepreneurial spirit. Bremen is the hometown of big-ticket firms like Mercedes-Benz, Airbus, Atlas Elektronik and BLG Logistics Group. 

 Among the top ten major industrial hubs in Germany, smallest federal state, but eleventh-largest German city. In this today episode hosted by Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam, we have our distinguished guests from Bremen and Germany to get to know more about the business opportunities in Bremen, especially for Vietnamese businesses:
Ms Anna Westenberger, GTAI
Mr Andreas Gerber, Bremeninvest
Mr Christian Gutschmidt, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Europe

If you need further details on Bremen, please contact us or visit website >>>

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#22: Binh Dinh - First German investment in Becamex VSIP Binh Dinh Industrial Park

Realizing the potential of Binh Dinh, two leading real estate developers in the field of industrial part and urban areas in Vietnam – Becamex IDC and VSIP Group – constructed Becamex VSIP Binh Dinh Township and Industrial Park. Located in subdivision 7 of Nhon Hoi economic zone, the project has been Binh Dinh’s largest industrial project so far and is expected to be a driving force for its socio-economic development.

 In this episode, we are proudly to introduce our valued guests:
• Dr. von Salis-Soglio from Kurz International Holdings GmbH
• Ms. Anh Thu from Becamex VSIP Binh Dinh
• And Mr. Marko Walde, Chief representative of AHK Vietnam

Together with our hosts - Trang Dao, we will discover the promising future of Binh Dinh and how to take advantages when investing in this province!

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#21: Dong Nai - A FDI bright spot in South Vietnam

Located in the southern key economic region in Vietnam, Dong Nai has emerged as a hub for foreign direct investments in supporting industries and high-tech manufacturing. The province offers efficient logistics networks and there are numerous factors have contributed to Dong Nai’s emergence as a hub for FDI. These include consistent economic growth, infrastructure assets, the province’s industrial zones, and a supportive investment policy.

 In this episode, we are proudly to introduce our valued guests:
• Mr. Nguyen Khanh Cuong, Rector of LILAMA 2 International Technology College
• Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thang, Country Manager of Schaeffler Vietnam
• And Mr. Justin, General Director of KTG Industrial

Together with our hosts - Marko Walde, we will discover the potentials of Dong Nai and how to take advantages when investing in this province!

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#20: Vietnam's Renewable Energy Outlook

With a population soon to reach 100 million people and developing economy, Vietnam’s electricity has witnessed its demand increasing by almost 10% on average per year for the last period. Due to the country’s robust economic development, population growth, and heavier industrialization and urbanization, the trend continues to grow, and Vietnamese government is moving forward to develop renewable energy sources to ensure energy efficiency.

In this episode, we are proudly to introduce our valued guests, Mr. Thorsten Fastenau, Executive Vice President of PNE AG and Ms. Dao Thi Minh Hue, Representative of Trungnam Group. Together with our hosts - Marko Walde and Trang Dao, we will discuss on current position of Vietnam in the development of green energy as well as future opportunities and challenges!

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#19: One-year enforcement - EU-Vietnam FTA

It has been one year since the EVFTA came into force in August 1st, 2020. A recent World Bank study showed that the implementation of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) will help Vietnam’s GDP increase by up to 3.2 per cent in the next decade. Thanks to the EU-Vietnam agreement, German companies can enjoy protection of investments with trade facilitations when investing in Vietnam.

Based on the improved condition and favourable benefits of EVFTA, we expect to see many FDI flows of high-valued projects of Germany into Vietnam and this country will take advantages of German well-known technology in management & training, more value-added production and less waste of resources.

In this episode, we are proudly to introduce our valued guests, Ms. Phuong Anh Nguyen, Customer Relationship Manager of Vietinbank Germany Branch, Mr. Jörg-Michael Scheil, Managing Partner Asian of SNB Law, Mr. Michael Chan – Director Sales North from BW Industrial Development JSC and Mr. Tran Van Ngan - Deputy General Director of DINCO Da Nang. Together with our hosts - Marko Walde and Chi Pham, we will accompany you through a year of EVFTA with a bright future ahead!

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#18: Supply Chain in Vietnam post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has put significant impacts on supply chains worldwide and negatively affected global operations. Vietnam itself has not been spared as several prevention measures have been implemented to contain the pandemic. These measures have caused a large-scale disruption of business activities and have reportedly led to massive interruptions and bottlenecks of supply chains in many cities and provinces across the country, where major industrial parks are located.

Let's join Marko Walde and Chi Pham - our hosts in this episode together with our valued guests , Ms. Thanh Bong, from Karl Gross, and Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ky, the CEO and General director of Cai Mep International Terminal discussing on the current situation and how to be resilient and to re-open the economy in Vietnam sustainably.

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#17: Intellectual Property: How important is it for investors in Vietnam?

Vietnam is the EU’s 2nd largest trading partner and the German largest one among the 10 ASEAN nations. Conversely, The EU is among the Vietnam’s top 4 largest trading partners and Germany is the most important partner country in the EU. In term of FDI, the largest sector of investment by the European companies is industrial processing and manufacturing. 

The EVFTA  - EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement officially entered into force in August 2020 and cover tariff as well as non-tariff barriers to trade and other trade related aspects including public procurement, regulatory issues, competition, services, intellectual property rights and sustainable development. For Vietnam, the tariff elimination will benefit key export industries. On the other hand, European companies will also have better access to Vietnam’s emerging and potential market with a population of nearly 100 million.

 However, the Vietnamese market is now a level playing field and its partners are from very high-developed countries, which requires Vietnam to play to a higher standard. To that end, there are many changes Vietnam is expected to make, and to improve its intellectual property rights (IPR) system is a key part. IPR protection is indeed very important to EU companies and they all have a high demand for IPR protection and would expect Vietnam’s IPR law and practice to help enforce their rights effectively. 

>>Therefore, we have Mr. Benoît Tardy, IP Business Advisor and Ms. Nora Bihari, the Project Manager of South-East Asia IP SME HELPDESK and Dr. Torsten Seeger of the Consult to see, as our guests today, sharing their experiences and best practices in Vietnam, in order to inform you the overview of Vietnam’s IP and to help you well prepared in doing business in Vietnam.

Further information on 

South-East Asia IP SME Helpdesk:


Consult to see


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#16: Organic of Vietnam - Market Entry into Europe

Welcome back to the podcast of AHK Vietnam “Coffee Time with the AHK Vietnam” ! Today  we will talk about the organic coffee during our coffee time and more than that, the whole organic products made in Vietnam and what are the ones qualified for organic certification and how these organic products from Vietnam could come to the European and German consumers

We have today Mr Pham Minh Duc, the vice chairman of Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association and Mr Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam as guests.  

Further details pls. contact the AHK Vietnam

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#15: Quy Nhon-Binh Dinh Province: Turning to the hotspot for innovation & investment

Quy Nhon is a coastal city and the capital of Binh Dinh Province in central Vietnam, is surrounded by Quang Ngai province to the north, Gia Lai province to the east and Phu Yen province to the south. Rising as a new hotspot for beach lovers, Quy Nhon becomes an ideal place for people who crave for golden sands, clear seawater and a peaceful atmosphere. Located in the South Central Coast of Vietnam and attracting thousands of visitors every year, Quy Nhon is slowly proving that it is one of the hidden gems in the region. 

In recent years, Binh Dinh province has a significant shift towards a potential destination for innovation and investment hub in the Central Region of Vietnam. Binh Dinh particularly ranked well for the streamlining of administrative procedures for investment, land, and construction.  The Binh Dinh authority has encouraged investment in the tourism industry, high-tech, IT and supporting industries. 

Let's listen to our special guests today, Mr. Marko Walde, Chief representative of the AHK Vietnam and Dr Nguyen Huu Le, Chairman of TMA Solutions, sharing about their experiences, opinions and especially future plans for the city Quy Nhon and Binh Dinh province!

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#14: BUNDESLIGA and its football clubs are keeping a close eye on Vietnam

Bundesliga - Germany's top flight football league will increase its efforts to become the most popular European league in Vietnam. Many Bundesliga clubs currently organized activities and sport events in Vietnam, such as BVB Borussia Dortmund or Bayern Munich. We have experienced that the Bundesliga has increased its presence on social media channels in Vietnam to satisfy the need and the demand for short video content. Next Media to become the official partner of the Bundesliga in Vietnam from August 2020. New five-year agreement brings more than 300 top-flight German football matches per season live to Vietnam. Bundesliga matches will be shown country-wide, on both free-to-air (FTA) channels and as part of a paid subscription service. 
 The 2019/2020 season has been one long, crazy ride, but Bundesliga and all the German football clubs have made it all worth it, especially Bayern Munich, crowning kings of Europe. It was Bayern's first European title since 2013 and capped a remarkable season in which they wrapped up their Treble.
We have John Hung Tran, deputy general director of Next Media and Rouven Kasper, Bayern Munich, our exciting guests in this episode, which is hosted by Marko Walde, Chief representative of AHK Vietnam. 

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#13: Vietnamese Coffee: Delicious and Fair Trade

DO YOU KNOW? Vietnam is the world’s second largest producer and exporter of coffee and the biggest coffee exporter to Germany. 

Vietnam is a country located in Southeast Asia with tropical and subtropical climate. There is a large area of red soil basalt suitable for coffee growing which was brought by the French in 1857. By the early 2000s, Vietnam became the second largest producer and exporter of coffee beans in the world. 

At the moment, Vietnam's coffee industry is facing severe challenges such as climate change; competition from other crops; need to replace ageing coffee trees; production costs are increasing higher while world coffee prices are at very low levels. Due to intense competition, Vietnam's policy of coffee production has shifted to a new era with two objectives: firstly, to maintain its position as the world’s second largest producer and exporter of coffee green beans; secondly, to double the added value in coffee production by increasing productivity, quality and value addition. It meant FAIR TRADE COFFEE PRODUCTION. Having a system of fair-trade certification for coffee would boost exports to Europe and Germany currently. 

 Vietnam ‘s coffee exports to the EU saw an increase during the first seven months of 2020. The EU represents the second largest market for Vietnamese coffee and accounts for over 42% of the country’s coffee exports. The new EU-Vietnam free trade agreement (EVFTA), which came into effect on August 1, opens up opportunities to further boost Vietnam’s coffee exports to the European Union, which is the world largest coffee market. 

 We will talk in this episode on the fair trade coffee in Vietnam and how the fine Robusta from Vietnam could enter the European and German markets effectively and sustainably. We have our guest today, Ms Trang, the business owner of Valley Coffee – a branding of fair trade coffee from Lam Dong Province and our episode will be hosted by Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam.

All information on Valley Coffee: http://valleyscoffee.vn/#Home

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#12: Rheinland-Pfalz in Vietnam – Innovation could taste so good

Being in the heart of Europe and surrounded by the neighbouring countries of France, Luxembourg and Belgium, the State of Rheinland-Pfalz has established itself as an internationally successful, future-oriented business location. This State ranks first for wine production in Germany – about 70% of all German wines. Ahr, Mittelrhein, Mosel, Nahe as well as the Pfalz and Rhinehessen are world famous for their viniculture. The typicity of the winegrowing areas is reflected in the characteristics of the wines. Winegrowers in Rheinland-Pfalz have taken advantage of the general conditions for winegrowing and have set global standards with their fine white wines and characteristic red wines.

The State of Rheinland-Pfalz has established ist Business Representation since January 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City at Deutsches Haus. This representative office aims to strengthen exchange and economic collaboration between Rheinland-Pfalz and Vietnam, especially to promote the delicious and diverse wines from the six different regions of the State. 

In this episode, we have Mrs Aimee Phan (Phan, Thuy My), representative of Rheinland-Pfalz in Vietnam as our guest to talk about this state and present all its potentials to our audiences today. Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam will host our episode today.

Further details and queries, please contact Ms Aimee Phan:
Aimee – Thuy My Phan
Business Representation of the German state of Rheinland-Pfalz in Vietnam
Telefon +84 (28) 36222819
Email: vietnam@rlp-international.de

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#11: Connecting Vietnam and the EU: The first charter flight from Frankfurt to Vietnam!

The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam (AHK Vietnam), in collaboration with the German Business Association in Vietnam (GBA) and the German Embassy in Hanoi, have successfully organized a charter flight to bring totally 220 diplomats, investors, entrepreneurs, experts and relatives from 15 countries in the European Union to return to Vietnam on 30th of July. 

In the group of people on that special flight, some were families waiting to be re-united, others were professionals about to visit Vietnam for the first time and there were also some who had already been in Vietnam professionally for some years. I could imagine how complicated it is to be stuck in Europe for months because our work suffered from their physical day-to-day absence.

In this episode, we have Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam with us, he led the AHK/GBA relocation task-force to manage all the challenges and difficulties to make this impossible missing to possible. Let's hear his own story of organizing the first special flight in our podcast this week!

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#10: Football Special: BVB daily business in Asia and approach for Vietnam after Covid-19

In this episode we will talk about German soccer and the Borussia Dortmund Club BVB. BVB is is one of the most prominent Sportsclub in Dortmund, Germany. It is most noted for its football team that plays in the first Bundesliga.

From BVB we will hear Suresh Letchmanan, Managing Director, BVB ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD and Marko Walde, Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam discussing on how COVID-19 affected German football club BVB and talking about BVB’s daily business in Asia and the approach for Vietnam after COVID-19. 

Enjoy listening!

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#9: Hai Phong - A desirable living and investment location in Vietnam

Welcome to Coffee Time with AHK Vietnam episode 9. Today we would talk on one of the best investment locations in Vietnam – Hai Phong and how Hai Phong, the city in northern Vietnam is now changing its face to the desirable living and investment location in Vietnam. Hai Phong has got a lot to experience and on this episode, we will take about how this city changed over the time. From Vietnam, I am Trang Dao and with my today is my co-host Phuong Chi. 

Haiphong is the third largest city in Vietnam with 2 million inhabitants and has changed due to the city’s favorable geographic location and recent infrastructure developments. Haiphong has a strategic location to serve as an outport for northern Vietnam and southwestern China, with Hong Kong and Shenzhen in reach in less than 12h by truck. 

After more than 25 years supporting German companies in doing business and in investment in Vietnam, we developed an amazing network and interesting experiences in here. We have visited many provinces in Vietnam to find out more the investment potential. Coffee Time with the AHK Vietnam is our way to share those with you. Then you could get connected with hot tips, the interesting prospective and experts investment advises. 

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#8: Vietnams Tourismus nach der Corona-Krise

Vor Corona-Zeit war der Tourismus ein Träger des vietnamesischen Wirtschaftswachstums. Touristische Dienstleistungen erwirtschafteten 2018 9,2 Prozent des vietnamesischen Bruttoinlandsprodukts und die Branchenumsätze beliefen sich auf 28 Milliarden US-Dollar, 60 Prozent hiervon wurden durch ausländische Besucher generiert. Man sagt Vietnam wird zum Touristenmagnet und der Bau von Hotels und Resorts boomt.
Angesichts der tiefen Integration in der globalen Wirtschaft leidet auch die Wirtschaft Vietnams unter der Corona - Pandemie.

Vor allem der Tourismusbereich ist betroffen. Wie stark leidet der Tourismus unter der Corona-Krise aus Ihrer Sicht? In der neuen Folge geht’s um Urlaub machen in Vietnam und wie nachhaltig die Corona-Krise den Tourismus Vietnams verändern wird. Und in diesem Podcast haben wir zu Gast Herrn Dieter Schenk, General Manager von TUI BLUE Hoi An und Marko Walde, Delegierter der Deutschen Wirtschaft in Vietnam.

Mehr Details zu TUI Blue Nam Hoi An:

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#7: Vietnam - Marktpotenzial für die deutschen KMU der Gesundheitswirtschaft

Vietnams Medizintechnikmarkt wächst zweistellig. Patienten stellen höhere Ansprüche an die Gesundheitsversorgung und Krankenhäuser investieren in moderne Ausstattung. Nachfrage nach qualitativ hochwertiger Gesundheitsversorgung steigt. Vietnams Gesundheitswesen expandiert. Das Markforschungsinstitut BMI prognostiziert für 2017 bis 2022 ein durchschnittliches Wachstum des Medizintechnikmarktes von 10,3 Prozent pro Jahr und rechnet bis 2022 mit einer Steigerung der Marktumsätze auf 1,9 Milliarden US-Dollar (US-Dollar). Die Bevölkerung Vietnams wächst und der Anteil älterer Menschen steigt, was die Nachfrage antreibt. Zudem können sich immer mehr Vietnamesen aufgrund steigender Einkommen eine bessere medizinische Versorgung leisten und stellen wachsende Ansprüche.

Unsere Experten Marko Walde, Delegierter der Deutschen Wirtschaft in Vietnam und Le Nhu Hung, Projekt Manager bei der AHK Vietnam, informieren über den Gesundheitsmarkt Vietnams. Im Mittelpunkt stehen aktuelle Marktentwicklungen und Trends, Tipps zum Markteintritt in Vietnam.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf unserer Webseite:

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#6: Working in Germany - but how?

Nowadays, Germany opens labor market for not only professionals but also skilled workers from non-EU countries. In early 2020, the new law extends the opportunities for qualified professionals from outside Europe to come to work in Germany. It would bring more chances for Vietnamese jobseekers and skilled workers to find suitable jobs in Germany, especially for qualified engineers IT specialists, health and social workers and certain manufacturing positions. We would talk on that topic in details during our coffee time to inform our Vietnamese audiences on the current labor demand in Germany and on the essential steps to getting a job in Germany.
Ms Van, Head of Education and Training Dept. of AHK Vietnam discussed with our experts Ms. Nga, project manager of ProRecognition and Ms Lam, project manager of Hand in Hand for International Talents on that topic. 

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#5: Warum Vietnam? Standort für deutsche Start-ups

Zahlreiche Menschen träumen davon, ein Unternehmen in Vietnam zu gründen, ihre Idee umzusetzen. Auf dem Weg von der ersten Idee bis zum ausgereiften Unternehmen tauchen jedoch einige Hürden auf. Wir haben heute zu Gast Experten – deutsche Gründer Frank Schellenberg von Digi-Texx Vietnam, Lorenz Schneidmadel von Edubao Start-up und Nguyen Ngoc Sang, Projektleiter von German Business Incubator Vietnam der AHK Vietnam, um zu erfahren, warum Vietnam ist ein optimaler Standort für deutsche Start-ups und wie man die Herausforderungen am besten meistert. Unsere Folge wird von Marko Walde, Geschäftsführer der AHK Vietnam, moderiert. 

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#4: Interkulturelle Kommunikation - Erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit vietnamesischen Geschäftsleuten

Vietnam gehört weltweit zu den am schnellsten wachsenden Volkswirtschaften. Gut gelaunte Verbraucher, steigende Exporte sowie die Mitgliedschaft in verschiedenen Freihandelsabkommen schieben die Wirtschaft Vietnams an. Auch die Anzahl ausländischer Investoren hat sich deutlich vervielfacht. Dies ist der Grund, weshalb wir heute, gemeinsam mit unserem Gast, Manuel Wendle, Geschäftsführer von Culture Bridge Asia, die kulturellen Besonderheiten der Geschäftswelt genauer betrachten wollen. 

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#3: Welche Verbesserungen bringt das EU-Vietnam-Freihandelsabkommen deutschen Firmen?

Vietnam ist neben Singapur das einzige Land in ASEAN, das bei allen relevanten Freihandelsinitiativen dabei ist. Hierbei sind das ‚TPP-11‘ und das Freihandelsabkommen mit der EU besonders wichtig. Durch das Freihandelsabkommen bekommen deutsche Unternehmen besseren Marktzugang und mehr Rechtssicherheit. In unserem Podcast #3 fragen wir vor allem welche Verbesserungen  das Freihandelsabkommen deutschen Firmen bringt. All diese Fragen beantworten Ihnen unsere Experten:  Marko Walde, Delegierter der Deutschen Wirtschaft in Vietnam und Robin Hoenig, Referent für Handelspolitik und er ist verantwortlich für die Asien-Pazifik Region. 
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#2: China Plus One: Vietnam - an attractive alternative to China

Vietnam, a frontier market in Southeast Asia, is often named as one of the biggest winners in the U.S.-China trade conflict and even corona crisis would accelerate the current trending China Plus One – in which companies are opting to invest in Vietnam while maintaining existing operations in China. Bjoern Koslowski, Deputy Chief Representative of AHK Vietnam - part of global German Chamber Network, supporting German companies with establishing and extending business relations in 92 countries and 140 locations - together with Le Van Hanh, consulting expert, are joining Coffee Time with AHK Vietnam today to discuss why Vietnam is an attractive alternative to China and what does it mean for the German businesses. Let’s listen!

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#1: Coronavirus überwinden - Wie geht's weiter in Vietnam?

Vietnam ist ein Land mit unzureichenden Ressourcen und einem prekären Gesundheitssystem. Doch es hat mit einem Low-Budget-Ansatz, frühe Konzentration auf Risiken, eine effektive Kommunikation sowie eine intensive Zusammenarbeit zwischen Regierung und Bürgern erstaunlichen Erfolg. Am 22. April 2020 hat Vietnam Lockerungen der Schutzmaßnahmen gegen das Coronavirus angekündigt. Die AHK Vietnam wird Sie dabei über die aktuelle Situation in Vietnam informieren und auch darüber, wie lokale und deutsche Firmen damit umgehen, welche Auswirkungen die Coronavirus-Krise langfristig auf die Wirtschaft Vietnams haben wird und welche Geschäftsmöglichkeiten bieten sich trotz Krise?

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