AHK Vietnam’s Newly Appointed Chief Representative Strengthens Ties with Vietnamese Authorities


In a series of pivotal meetings on April 16 and 17, 2024 in Hanoi, leaders of the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam (AHK Vietnam), including Peter Kompalla, our newly appointed Chief Representative since April 1, 2024, Marko Walde, Kompalla’s Predecessor (currently Executive Director of AHK Australia), and Trang Dao, Management Board Member & Head of Business Development, engaged with crucial Vietnamese authorities to bolster economic cooperation and strengthen bilateral ties.

We delved into discussions with high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE), and the Center of Overseas Labor ( COLAB).

At the MOFA Department of Local Diplomacy Facilitation, Ms. Tran Thi Thu Thin, Deputy Director General, affirmed a commitment to supporting relationships between Vietnamese provinces and Germany. The agreement entails facilitating connections between Vietnamese provincial authorities and their German counterparts during business trips, as well as aiding German companies in investing and collaborating with provinces in Vietnam.

At the next stop, the delegation also marked the further collaboration in the context of the program “Hand in Hand for International Talents” at the COLAB with Mr. Dang Huy Hong, Director. The non-profit initiative has garnered interest from both Vietnamese authorities and German employers, aiming to accelerate the deployment of skilled labor to Germany and expand the program to encompass additional fields of expertise.

The agenda was followed by the discussions at the MOIT, led by Mr. Ta Hoang Linh, Head of the Europe-America Department. The meeting centered on the economic ties between the two nations, particularly highlighting the success of the Vietnam-Germany Joint Committee for Economic Cooperation. Prospects for collaboration in Industry 4.0, energy transmission, education and training, and sustainability were explored to foster mutual growth and development.

Lastly, at VIETRADE, Mr. Vu Ba Phu, the Director, expressed optimism about the future of trade and investment activities between Vietnam and Germany. He emphasized the importance of AHK Vietnam's support in connecting Vietnamese and German companies in sectors such as renewable energy and technology through B2B delegations and trade fairs. Additionally, VIETRADE hopes to leverage AHK Vietnam's assistance in facilitating training and technology transfer from German companies to Vietnamese counterparts, thereby attracting more German investment to Vietnamese provinces.

These meetings mark a significant step forward in fortifying the economic partnership between Germany and Vietnam, paving the way for enhanced collaboration and mutual prosperity in the years to come.

AHK Vietnam extends our sincere thanks to the key leaders of those organizations for your warm welcome. We look forward to our fruitful partnership in various fields in the future.

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