Dual Vocational Training

The AHK is a contact point for consultation and coordination of the dual vocational training in Vietnam. We are monitoring and verify the quality of training programs including the content and implementation process.

The AHK Vietnam with the brand AHK Academy is a contact point for consultation and coordination of the dual vocational training in Vietnam. We are monitoring and verify the quality of training programs including the content and implementation process. For the cooperation, we support companies to find suitable, qualified, educational institutes in Vietnam and advise you on the process and implementation of training programs based on German standards.

We organize examinations and issue certificates based on the standard of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Deutsche Industrie- und Handelskammertags (DIHK)). We pursue the goal to train and develop qualified skilled workers for companies in Vietnam by use of the German dual vocational training program. The dual vocational training is determined and effective due to the combination of theoretical education in educational institutions and practical training in companies, which are equipped with modern machinery and equipment.

The „Skills Experts“ program is promoted by the Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy, is in collaboration with selected Foreign Chambers of Commerce and supports the establishment of the professional training programs in accordance with the requirements of German companies on-site.


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• The Memorandum of Understanding to improve the quality of training in Vietnam (“Joint Declaration”)

The Memorandum of Understanding, which was initiated by the German economy in Vietnam, reflects the desire of the federal government to support the Vietnamese ministries of education (MOET) and work (MOLISA) to improve the quality of training. A declared aim of both participants is to generate better basic conditions for the education policy, so that a training program with practical experience can be ensured. With help of a close cooperation to the economy, the vocational training may reach a stronger orientation need. Economic experts as well as the Vietnamese Government realized that the establishment of a functioning dual vocational education system is unavoidable to meet the need for professionals in Vietnam.

• Vocational Training in Vietnam

The application of practical modules within a training education in Vietnam is viewed as advantageous, however, it is not necessarily a part of the training program in the reality. Based on the information of the Vietnamese ministries 60 per cent of the graduates of the training education do not fulfil the companies’ requirements. Despite improved realistic opportunities on the labour market, a vocational education only experiences a low status in the society. An appreciation of the image of professionals, therefore, might help the vocational education program to be accepted and more appreciated by the society and in addition might offer young people an alternative realistic opportunity to an academic education.

• Demand of German companies

Jointly together, the GBA and AHK already analysed the need for professionals of German businesses in Vietnam. Around 85 per cent of German investments are situated in the south of the country, particularly in the greater Ho Chi Minh City area (and the surroundings). To increase the value-added share of the production, German companies are challenged by finding and employing suitable qualified personnel for modern machinery and equipment, as well as for efficient production processes. Since, the government is not offering specialists, companies train and educate their staff (“training on the job”). There is no agreement or cooperation between the companies so far, which affects the South of Vietnam the most by an increase of the demand for modern vocational training programs.

Dual vocational education in Germany

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• Establishment of a dual vocational training in Germany

Usually, the theoretical part of the vocational training in Germany, which includes general education takes place on one or two days a week, or in form of block teaching over a longer period at a vocational school. The practical part is taken over by a company, where trainees get to know the processes of the company, as well as the skills that are necessary for the according profession. The content of the theoretical and practical components is coordinated and supplements each other.

• Advantages of a dual vocational education

The vocational education provides opportunities for trainees to obtain practical experience during the education program already and so will get to know their workplace and future function. In contrast, companies are able to support their potential future employee from the beginning and additionally may encourage their strengths, as well as work on their weaknesses. Furthermore, skilled trainees become fully-fledged employees, who is familiar with the entire business activities and therefore can be employed immediately. As a result, saving of time and costs are playing a central role for a company when it comes to educational issues.

Dual vocational education in Vietnam

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• Dual vocational education in Vietnam based on the German model

Preparing trainees for specific requirements of a firm, requires the practical part to focus more on the period in the company itself. By combining the theory and practice, the integration of the trainee into working processes can be ensured from the beginning. The on-the-job training provides knowledge for each individual business and practical work experience during the training period.

• Role of the AHK Vietnam in vocational training

The GIC/AHK Vietnam assumes the role of first contact point, training consultant and coordinator. Moreover, the education quality is ensured by the monitored structure and administration. The scope of services not only include finding of Vietnamese vocational training center as cooperation partner but also advise interested companies with the establishment, development and implementation of suitable training programs in Vietnam. Also, the GIC/AHK Vietnam performs examinations, generates and manages certificates and qualifications based on German DIHK standards. Further on, the GIC/AHK Vietnam acts as consultant of Vietnamese ministries concerning vocational issues. The aim of GIC/AHK Vietnam is to assist companies with the development of qualified specialists by passing on success factors of the German education including a combination between the theoretical training phase and working process in firms.

• Occupations:

  • Mechanics
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Chef
  • Restaurant Specialist
  • Freight forwarding and logistics agent

Best Practice in Vietnam

Cooperation of Bosch Vietnam Co., Ltd. and LILAMA2

In October 2013, the first year of training of the skilled occupation industry mechanics started in cooperation between Bosch Vietnam Co., Ltd. and LILAMA2 Technical & Technology College in Dong Nai. The promising training program was participated by 24 trainees. In total, the vocational training takes 3.5 years and is taken over by qualified and experienced trainers. The program includes 75% of practical work within the vocational training center of Bosch Vietnam and 25% theoretical education of LILAMA2. Based on German standards, Bosch Vietnam intended to employ and train further trainees in the following years.

Cooperation partner

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Partner Companies:

  • a.hartrodt Logistics Vietnam Co., Ldt.
  • Bosch Vietnam Co., Ldt.
  • Bolloré Logistics Vietnam
  • Geodis Wilson Vietnam
  • Indo Trans Cooperation (ITL)
  • Karl Gross Logistics Vietnam
  • Logwin Air + Ocean Vietnam Co., Ldt.
  • Pepperl + Fuchs (Vietnam) Co., Ldt.
  • Rhenus Freight Vietnam LLC.
  • Schenker Vietnam Co., Ldt.
  • VinFast Trading and Production LLC.
  • Weiss-Rohlig Vietnam Ldt.

Education Partners:

  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport
  • LILAMA2 International Technology College
  • Andrej Majcen Vocational Training Center

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